It was summer and I was strolling through the markets of Ubud, an enchanting town and artistic haven in the hills of Bali. The heat bounced off the streets and hung in the crowd as it bustled from stall to stall.
Amongst the chaos of the buzzing motorbikes and swarms of shoppers and stalls of trinkets, I noticed a beautiful woven bag displayed in a shaded stand away from the madness of the market.
When I had the rattan treasure in my hands, I ran my fingers over the detail of the weave admiring the craftsmanship, the picnic basket resemblance of the structure, the nautical-style bow clasp, and the authentic leather strap. It reminded me of being home on the beach in New England, summer picnics in Beverly, wine on the lawn in Tanglewood, and walks along Newport’s coast. When I walked out of the shop with my new rattan purse, I felt at peace and at home amongst the madness of the foreign market.
When I returned home, my family, friends, and strangers admired my new woven purse, all asking where they could find one of their own. I searched boutiques and mainstream fashion markets in America for a version of the bag to share. I was unable to find anything that offered the same feeling of summer in America with the same thoughtfulness of the Balinese artisan’s detail. Bird on the Bay was born.
I’ve been inspired by the creativity and craftsmanship of the women I’ve met in foreign communities, and I’m thrilled to showcase their crafts to an audience that loves and appreciates their beautiful products.