Travel Guide: Nusa Lembongan, Bali

Description: Great scuba diving off the coast here, rural but not to the extent of the Gilis. You can get a quick boat ride here from Bali for cheap.

What to do: Easy place to walk around and motorbike great diving and snorkeling, kayak, SUP, there’s a surf break off the coast here too if you’re up for it. Dream Beach. There are a few places that do movies at night like Jungut Batu Theatre Restaurant, they post the movie they’re playing every morning.

Where to Eat: The Deck Café & Bar, Sandy Bay Beach Club, Maria’s Boemboe Bali Warung (a hole in the wall, dirty looking shack but the food was great and cheap) Bay Shore Huts is a great spot for a sunset and a nice meal.

Where to stay: Anywhere behind the Deck Café is a great spot: Batu Karang, Lembongan Island Beach Villas. The first time I went here we stayed at Linda Beach Resort which was honestly perfect. Very simple, nothing fancy, cheap but it had an infinity pool, bike rentals and was walking distance to everything. Dream Beach Huts are also nice with a beautiful infinity pool but a bit out of it.


From Nusa Lembongan you can also get to Nusa Ceningan via the Yellow Bridge. This island is SO cute and small.

Where to Stay: Le Pirate Beach Club (an instagrammer’s heaven) it’s not all that luxurious, the cabins are really basic but the grounds are beautiful. Le Pirate also has a boating experience on another island I’ve been wanting to do that looks really fun. The Kubu221 Ceningan is right down the road and is pretty similar to Le Pirate, less going on here and not as picture worthy but it’s a quarter of the price of Le Pirate and the owner is the sweetest man ever and it includes breakfast. Secret Point Huts are also nice but you don’t get that cerulean blue waterfront.

Where to Eat: Sea Breeze Ceningan (went here like every day: great food, drinks and you can rent SUP boards here), The Dungki Bendega Resto (it’s a trek to get here but so worth the trip.) If you don’t end up staying at Le Pirate then at least go for an espresso martini and sunset!

What to Do: Surf, SUP, drink in infinity pools, zipline. Mahana Point is a must: there’s a great little cliff there where you can enjoy a bintang and watch the surfers. Driftwood Bar is a nice spot to hang and watch the waves break in a pool with a cocktail too, you can walk out to the point there for a nice view. We saw dolphins and sea turtles from the pool. Secret Beach Nusa Ceningan is a nice spot as well. You can also do a day trip over to Nusa Penida. I haven’t done this yet but it’s a beautiful natural island.

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