Travel Guide: Ubud, Bali

Description: Hippie-yoga-town, tons of Chinese tour buses, way too much traffic in the center but there’s a lot to do and beautiful places to stay outside the madness

Where to stay: An Airbnb/Villa outside of town if you’re comfortable on a motorbike otherwise there are a ton of really nice, cheap Airbnbs that are still in town and walkable but set back with a view of a rice field.

Where to Eat: Waroeng Bernadette (Jackfruit Rendang to die for), Sari Organik, Sage (no alcohol)

Going out: Jungle Fish (expensive by Bali standards but great place to day drink and lounge), No Mas Bar (Mexican, nice cocktails.) There isn’t a huge “going out” scene here but you can absolutely find things to do at night.

What to do: Ubud is all about yoga but there’s so much more to do here.

  • Massages: Karsa Spa is out in the middle of the Campuhan Ridge, make reservations! If you’re getting a massage on a whim Sang Spa 2 is wonderful too.
  • Yoga: (Yoga Barn: Mainstream, Yoga House: Alternative)
  • Tegallalang Rice Terrace (touristy and out of the way but pretty.) I personally prefer Campuhan Ridge Walk.
  • Mountain Bike down the volcano! Highly recommend this if you’re looking for adventure. Our guide was great and we saw all these amazing hidden parts of Ubud, a coffee plantation, rice fields, etc.
  • Monkey Forest!
  • Cooking Class:
    • Paon Bali (really fun, delicious food, instructor is a joy, close to town and only a couple hours long. Also one of the best meals I had in Bali and you meet a lot of people.)
    • Balinese Farm Cooking (more of a full day experience, you get picked up and driven out past Tegallalang Rice Terrace, learn about everything in the garden, pick your veggies. Class is one on one with 3 courses. There’s vegetarian, vegan, options. I don’t know if this one offers meat.)
  • Authentic experiences I really enjoyed while in Ubud: Wood carving class, jewelry making class and a batik class. I did these at WS studio and loved it because it’s in the middle of nowhere, and I was the only one so I basically just spent the day with the Balinese family that owns it and talked and ate with them while doing arts and crafts.
  • Cait and I did a day trip on a motorbike out to Pura Lempuyang: Only do this if you’re comfortable on motorbikes because it is a HAUL! Really beautiful day trip though and loved seeing the countryside and the festivities at the temple. Since it’s in the middle of nowhere there aren’t many tourists here, which is nice. This is probably the only temple I would recommend.

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